Breaking out while staying in

As I increasingly peer into the world of social media influencers during isolation, I am struck by how many are reporting skin breakouts. 

Stress, diet and lifestyle changes can all have an impact on our skin so it’s no wonder I’m seeing this increase.

Worrying about our health, our family, income and an uncertain future will undoubtably cause added stress which in turn can cause breakouts. When we’re under stress, our body releases cortisol which is our fight or flight hormone. Cortisol can stimulate oil glands to overproduce resulting in clogged pores and break outs.

Lifestyle and diet changes can also affect our skin as the sudden change can upset hormone balance. Being home all day and having easy access to the pantry can have us slip into a bad habit of eating more and making poor choices. Throwing Easter eggs into the mix doesn’t help.

We’re also likely spending more time indoors as well which means we are lacking vitamin D, an essential immunity booster.

So how do we take care of ourselves and our skin in times of increased stress and uncertainty?

Managing and releasing stress will help. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and some time out for yourself. Schedule in exercise, alone time and meditation like you would a business meeting so it becomes a non-negotiable part of your day.

Now is the time to super boost your immunity. Take some time each day to sit in the sun and absorb some vitamin D and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of filtered water and green tea.

Keeping our skin care routine simple and consistent can help. Cleansing daily is still a must even if you are spending most days make-up free as dirt, oil and impurities will still build up during the day.  A weekly facial scrub followed by a facial masque will help increase circulation and draw out any toxins from the skin helping to promote blemish free, clear skin.

My pick for blemish and oil control is our Anti-pollution Facial Masque. It’s a charcoal and Australian Kaolin Clay facial masque featuring a blend of Aniseed Myrtle, Tasmanian Blue Gum and Lemon Myrtle to promote clear skin and fortified with antioxidant rich Emu Apple, Tasmanian Pepper Berry and Blackwood Wattle to repair and protect. Use once a week to help encourage clear, clean skin.

And lastly, moisturise and replenish. Hydration and barrier control will be your best defence against dry, dull skin.  

Stay safe, stay inside and try not to let stress take over. We will get through this together. Xx